Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hey Everyone,

This is the blog that Ive always wanted to have to expres myself.

I have alotsa Wonderful friends and really, they just never fail to make me smile even when im at my lowest.

But now..
Ive got one thing left to do...

Is to leave Singapore..(But I'll come back in 2 weeks ok?)

Leave this place so that I could really relax my mind. Relax myself. Make Singapore and ITE proud. Most importantly make my family proud. Also, I will throw all the memories that Ive hurt many people. Plus, Ive hurt myself the most(By failing to fight for what should be fought for). Weeks of emotional pain inside me. Has just changed me to be a better person and really.. I learnt alot.

30th July at 0915Hours.
Changi Airport Terminal 3.

Thats when I would officially leave.

Thank You, NYC(National Youth Council) Thank You, Mr Ang, Thank You Ms Lucy Law.

Thank You, Shameer for being there for me throughout the entire SMYC camp. Especially when you told me about your bar soap. HAHA! There is more to come from NYC and lets go for next year's 15th MSYC OK?! Bro, we've been thru alotsa ups and downs, Use our experience in the camp and put it into action.. U know whats best, save it before its too late.(U know what i mean)

Thank You, Yana for giving me the smile I needed even when im super down or angry. Thanks for whatever you have told me. You never fail to make my day. Hang in there, u know im always there for ya. Relax and dont tense yourself even though u r good at hiding it.

Thank You, Fizah for being my listening ear whenever I needed someone to talk to.Thank you too for being my gym partner. You never fail to smile which always makes me proud of u. We also never fail to wear matching colours. HAHA! MAN U! I hope u like the new earpiece! HAHA!

Thank You, Aton for being a good fren and a noisy fren in the SC room. You always make me goes noisy in the SC room and calling me ''Mat Kotai''.

Thank You, Zhi Yun for making me laugh because of your ducklings. You would always2 make me laugh everytime you talk. Which is nothing new to me. =D

Thank You, Yilik for taking care of the logistics in the SC and during events, esp during the Grad Nite. We talk thru the nite remember? So please Yilik, I know you can do better. =D

Thank You, Fafa for actually understanding me. Understand what I went thru at times of my pain. You made me think twice before leaving. Thank you. MAN U! Haha!

Thank You, Aziah for actually being like my lil sista. Helping me in doing reports and stuff. I thank you soo much for being there when I needed someone to be my punching bag. BUDDY!

Thank You, Sangeetha for being my VC for NDP(Cancelled) but we got Teacher's Day. Work well with my committee when im not around yea? I also wana thank you for guiding me thru out the Grad Nite. I know I wasnt a good VC. But you changed me. You pushed me and you never fail to support me. With that, Thank you Sangeetha. Han Pei would definitely be proud of you. Teacher's day is coming, LETS DO IT!

Thank You,SITI for being the friend in class and helping me in DSG. Its never easy to step into someone's big shoe without knowing what to expect. But we are halfway thru. We got time to change. So do it. Shameer is there and so is Yana. I dont care if you wana use the word ''top''. Cause seriously, I cannot be bothered about all these things. Please take care, I know you wont be in school as im away. Fight the flu ok Siti?


For giving me this opportunity to grow, to excel, to experience new things in life and lastly to appreciate what Student Council has got to offer for not only as Executive Committee Members but as a normal member too. We will bring up the name of ITE COLLEGE CENTRAL (Bishan Campus) Once again, cause not only I but WE believed we can do it!

Thanks Again, Mr Ang.

PS: Shameer Bro, Yana my friend, Fizah Mother Yoga, Aton my Best loud Hailer, Zhi Yun my BEST DUCKLING, Aziah Buddy, Yilik the man, Fafa the exco burper, Sangeetha the firewalker(Remember during PROJECTS Committee? HAHA!) and lastly, Siti my one and only SC Classmate.

Promise me, Promise me that you guys will sit down and talk things out. Sit down and clear everything. Sit down and say every lil things you wana say. Promise me, that you guys will take good care of one another and promise me that we will work together and not jeorpardise anyone's reputation. Dont say NOTHING for the sake of ending the meeting fast. Say something that is within your heart and let it be known.

With Love,

Ridhwan A.K.A Panjang